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Welcome to my blog.  This is really just a place that started as a spot for me to work on my Mass Effect fan fiction.  Nothing too fancy going on here.  Just posting whatever I happen to be working on, which lately has been YouTube gaming and a couple songs/poems.

3/30/17 – Sorry, been away from here for a while, I know. If you really miss me . . .

Find me on many of the social media sites:


Vid.me – https://vid.me/Harbinger50
Minds.com – https://www.minds.com/Harbinger50
Gab.ai – https://gab.ai/Harbinger50
Twitter – https://twitter.com/Harbinger50


6/1/16 – Another new piece in Original Works!  Read and shoot me some feedback 🙂

NEW POST   5/29/16 – Been keeping up with my youtube channel?  Here’s the latest video for the new DOOM!

5/28/16 – Something new in Original Works!  Give it a look, let me know what you think!

5/25/16 – I’ve started playing the new DOOM!!! Check it out!

5/3/16 – not much, but check the Original Works Page!

Also, don’t forget to check out and subscribe to my YouTube channel!

Gears of War 4 Beta was pretty damn good!  Check out some of the action with mulitplayer mode Dodgeball!


I’m not a posting whore, but you can find me on Twitter:  https://twitter.com/Harbinger50.

9.29.15: YouTube channel now something I’m working on as well.  Check it out and subscribe!

8.7.15:  ME 5 update

Original Works (updated 6/1/16 !)


Old Updates


About me


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