Victory to be Won?

Seems like perfection sits
At the end of a long road
Classic too good to be true
Yet stars-aligned fate showed
Not ready to be won over
So does chance fall to gun?
Hearts too easily taken by storms
Always lose what’s not to be begun
But the mind is the winds
Souls are the seas
Hearts gone dark aren’t forever
Reigniting flame, is that what you seize?
And if the path is taken
What flaws will be revealed?
The universe plays cruel jokes
And the heart can’t be steeled
The hopes come, blisteringly go
Why should this one be any different now?
But chance not taken is chance not won
So adorn blood scarred armor and vow…
This time it WILL be  different…
Or so the hope always goes…

Tower of Failure

On a foundation of lies
Is built a shining pillar
Most see it for what it is
Pyrite exterior is ripe for chipping
Twisted bones beneath the smooth skin
Though the craftsman thinks all are fooled
Still, some do fall for the false face
The fake promise of happiness in that place
Theirs shall be gagging taste of bitterness


Stabbed in the back and never supported
The public love, all that was ever reported
By witnesses who had never dwelt inside
Conditions so controlled it was easy to hide
Burn the enemies in backyard despair
Destruction dispersed on winds of Who Cares?
The young and the old, both fall to the flame
The old smashed, trodden, raped and let go
The young kept tight in the loving claim
Victim blamed, shamed, and not allowed to show
Powerless, rejected, wrought frail thin to bone
Truth no one believes or wants to hear held back
It was the old’s fault, outsiders claim as fact
The control freak smiles the plan to victory


Can’t wait till the time runs out
When the cow is sucked dry, gone in a night


Reality alarm clock wrecks the next morn
Sitting here watching it like the greatest porn
Kick the cards that make that house
Set fire to the corner, gasoline to douse
False fake fleeting (not so fleeting for victims) fairytale world
Should have not gotten so comfortable in a gilded dream swirl


Foundations built upon suspect material
Cracks then crumbles and now no more
And the old’s darkness can’t wait to reveal
The shining tower of failure