Original Work

This page is where I’ll post bits and pieces of my original writing be it past, present, or future (still working on that one).  Some of it will be hilariously bad, I’m sure . . . probably most of it.   But if you were interested in what I wrote or write outside of my Mass Effect fan fiction, it will show up here.  Past projects, current projects, abandoned projects, you name it.  This is just a little something to let any followers, fans, and/or enemies know what I’ve got going on. With that in mind, my first posted writing is probably a combination of all of this.  This is part of a story started long ago, currently being re-written, and potentially to be discarded.  Who knows?


Unnamed Epic

Gone Awry

Blood Shine

False Visions

The Never Years

Tower of Failure

Victory to be Won?



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