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The Never Years

Listener, let me tell you
About the never years
And I hope you listen close
Follow my lead,
My unseen tears
And you’ll find lost
What’s had by most
(Or so it seems . . .)
The best days
The most fun
The most free
The most happy
The best memories
Are the Never Years
For me
No Parents, no rules
So the illusion goes
No limits, no curfew
Take in the shows
The bed can wait for you
My friend
But if in there you use the wrong head
Be careful because good times can spear
And that just enjoyed becomes dead
Welcome now to your first never year
Now responsibility
Now duty
Now work
Now sweat
Now struggle
Now starve
Cry dark
Stare back at your brief shining moment
That life, cut short, leaves no bright token
Stare ahead to what SHOULD have been
Good times and no fears
But now won’t be anything better than
What some of us know as the never years

About harbinger50

I'm a guy with a job that if I wasn't paid to do it . . . I sure as hell would not be doing it. I imagine that covers probably more people than does not. I have a son who is almost 12 who I see every other weekend. I find that most of my passions are creative, which we all know doesn't exactly pay without a single minded focus and near-exclusion of everything and everyone else. I've never been able to be that self-centered, as easy as you might think that should be... I enjoy writing, playing guitar, shooting films, lifting weights (HATE cardio, but do it anyway) and have various other interests and hobbies that I can never decide to do that focusing on. This site is my attempt at that...

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