Old updates are over here if you are interested.

Just to clean up the home page and create a sort of ongoing timeline, I’m moving all my update messages here after a random time on the home page.  Enjoy! . . . or not.  It’s for me, not you.  Definitely not you.  Stop reading! Avert your eyes!  I mean it!

{Your IP has been logged by the admin of this page.  You WILL be found and death with accordingly.  *Dealt with.   Damn Freudian slips . . . }


2.18.15:  Hey, I’m not dead.  New Mass Effect story coming, plus other projects.

5/26/13: After much frustration in trying to get the Omega and Citadel DLC to work (took 3 downloads?), finally played through them today.  Omega was good, but it won’t change that I started writing and had an idea for retake before that was even announced (to my knowledge, anyway). Citadel, though, was awesome, though Brooks was predictable.  And the interacting with all your squad mates was great and hilarious.  Of course, so was the banter during the missions.  Really loved that DLC.  Still doesn’t excuse the ending. In fact, it probably makes it worse for someone who came along after all DLC was available and played through ALL of that.  There were so many more moments with all the DLC between Shepard and crew that the ending would be that much more hard to take and infuriating, I would think. So, yeah, after working on some personal projects of my own (and co-op with a friend on an original comic), I WILL come back to write some more Mass Effect fan fiction.  Can’t leave MY Shepard hanging. Just not sure when. I’m always jotting down ideas, though.  Don’t worry.

Side note: anyone who’s played Citadel . . . Javik’s after-party “dream” and my Javik/Liara thing . . . maybe Bioware/EA SHOULD hire me (as one facebook fan of my work suggested) since apparently I’m on the same wavelength as some of their writers already.  NOT the ending writers, clearly, lol…

5/13/13:  That master of rap, Childish, is back.  Loved his last album and now he’s got his next one up for FREE again.  You can thank me now, download it and listen, and then thank me again. http://www.childproofbullets.com/

Update 5/7/13: THANK YOU SERBIA!!  Whoever you are, you tipped the balance and broke through the 3000 views barrier!  Fucking Awesome!  And, of course, thanks to everyone else who has read my story and to those of you who are currently making your way through my work.  I really DO appreciate it.  Just might have to write Mass Effect 5 now.  Hell, could finish that before the actual game of Mass Effect 4 really comes out . . . ha ha ha.  Thanks again and suggest the story to your friends!

-Ryan aka Harbinger50 (LONG before there was a Harbinger in Mass Effect)


Update: 4/10/13: Linked it the other day, and now the Kickstarter has begun for Neal Hallford’s novel, Thief of Dreams.  In hindsight, this guy turns out to be one of the biggest influences in my life in regards to writing.  I loved Betrayal at Krondor (still play it) and it was his story that pulled me into it so much that I checked out Feist’s books that the game was based on.  All that pushed my desire to write into high gear.  So check it out!    http://kck.st/10VHLvj 

Update 4/7/13:  You guys are closing in on 3000 views for Mass Effect 4: New Masters!  Keep kicking ass!

And if you’re an old school gamer, show some love and support for the writer of Betrayal at Krondor (my all time favorite game) and Dungeon Siege!


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