Let me apologize….

Well, after much deliberation, it just isn’t happening with this next Mass Effect fan fiction book I was going to write. I think I’ve just lost the love for that story that I once had and have many other original projects/stories that I’d rather be working on. That may break some people’s hearts, but probably not. If you really want to know where I might have been going with that story, hit me up and I can summarize the outline in its current iteration (always changing is the story . . . to paraphrase a famous Jedi master). For now, I’m just leaving it to the side. Clearly I haven’t been working on it at the breakneck speed I was with “New Masters” which I pumped out nearly a chapter a week. ME5, “Desperate Measures” is at three and a half after six months, if that tells you anything.

So yeah, on to original works, now. Hoping I can throw myself into those a lot more.