Chained to a cold statue
Staring at far off hearth
Longing for that forgotten feeling
The embrace of caressing warmth
What happened to the pillars
That used to hold up so well
The support that used to comfort
Now the broken shards that fell
Strong walls with lights held aloft
Sound ceiling keeping back the gloom
Fall cracking, crumbling all around
Succumb to salt wound swoon
Screams of desperation
And haunting saddened wails
Escape the crying lips
As safest structure fails
Your world drowns in echoes
Of a dying happiness now stunted
Nothing but a single thought lives
That you were never really wanted
But eventually dust settles
The pillars exposed as fakes
Never the strong protectors
Trusting them: a common mistake
The stone linked to your prison
Now turns and looks down on you
Once a smiling happy face
Shows the self-serving subterfuge
The distant hearth closes in
Hearing your muffled calls
Burning blasts against the stone
Melting bondage joins broken walls
Warmth returns and envelopes you
No tricks or demands, but purity
Wraps around, outside and within
True protection is felt with surety
It wipes away the worry, the tears
The fears of more false love fronted
Encouraged, empowered, trusted, loved
No doubts again of ever feeling unwanted