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False Visions

False Visions
But how can you call it false
When you never had a chance
I guess the tease was all it needs
To change to cans so many can’ts
Another cloudy mist passes, wets face
Thoughts begun cut short, aborted
Rising swell of the infant wave
Gravity rebuffs, crushing, contorted

Beckoning hand of false visions
Snake smile deceit that engages
Suggestions, promises, the golden flow
Curls ripping fingers, the internal rages

Nature reversed, smooth stone face falls
To sharp, cutting,  jagged, twisted
The untouchable pain induced form darkens
Behind wall, under shadow not interested
Numb slips back into comfy chair, smiles
Almost sweet relief cried for sanity sake
The often fed must be the request
Readily soaks core calling suppressed

About harbinger50

I'm a guy with a job that if I wasn't paid to do it . . . I sure as hell would not be doing it. I imagine that covers probably more people than does not. I have a son who is almost 12 who I see every other weekend. I find that most of my passions are creative, which we all know doesn't exactly pay without a single minded focus and near-exclusion of everything and everyone else. I've never been able to be that self-centered, as easy as you might think that should be... I enjoy writing, playing guitar, shooting films, lifting weights (HATE cardio, but do it anyway) and have various other interests and hobbies that I can never decide to do that focusing on. This site is my attempt at that...

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