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No new chapter this week

Halloween preparations have sucked up a lot of my time not spent working or sleeping this past week and I anticipate the same this coming week.  So, I apologize for those of you who have been here each and every week reading my story.  I promise that chapter 13 is being worked on and that I will try to keep up with my weekly releases moving forward as best I can.  Just realize that there are a few holidays coming up in the next couple months that may cause some delays here or there 😉  Stick with me, though, because this story will come to a conclusion (not sure how many chapters it will end up being) . . . eventually lol.

Thanks for reading and for those of you that might be behind or just starting out, this will be a good chance to play a little catch up.

As always, feedback is appreciated.



About harbinger50

I'm a guy with a job that if I wasn't paid to do it . . . I sure as hell would not be doing it. I imagine that covers probably more people than does not. I have a son who is almost 12 who I see every other weekend. I find that most of my passions are creative, which we all know doesn't exactly pay without a single minded focus and near-exclusion of everything and everyone else. I've never been able to be that self-centered, as easy as you might think that should be... I enjoy writing, playing guitar, shooting films, lifting weights (HATE cardio, but do it anyway) and have various other interests and hobbies that I can never decide to do that focusing on. This site is my attempt at that...

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