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Mass Effect 4: New Masters, Prologue

     A fertile world was slowly illuminated by a rising red sun.  Light reflected off of sharpened blades and polished gun barrels.  Dark ships flew in formation in and out of wispy clouds.  A larger ship broke off from the group and slowly descended to a landing pad.  The asymmetrical craft lowered a ramp and a dark gray being, clad in an odd body armor, made his way down to the ground to meet the planet’s representative.  He reached the bottom and greeted the creature with two clenched fists thrust before him.  The being waited, staring up with four yellow eyes at the huge alien towering over him. Twice as many eyes peered out of a massive skull, adorned with dark red skin and razor teeth showing from an open triangular mouth.  After a moment, it raised two fists in the same fashion, bringing them to a rest only inches away from the other’s fists.
     “Welcome to Parnack, Reaper herald,” said the yahg.  “My army awaits your command.  What are your orders?”
     Steady eyes surveyed the troops in the distance, for a moment, absently noting a small scuffle among the front lines.
     “Orders, General?” the collector asked. “Fate requires no orders. Fate leads one to their destiny. Fate is leading your people to their destiny now.”
     “Destiny brought about through the tools of your dead masters.”
     “Some of it, yes. Some is from those even older.  The source does not matter. The use does.  My dead masters . . . my imperfect slavers used most of this, don’t forget, and they met their end anyway.  Despite all of their knowledge, all of this superior technology, there were things they missed.  Mistakes were made.  They could not see me.  They could not see the strength of the humans. Their end I saw all too well.”
     The yahg stood silently, for a moment and then said,”It was your masters’ fate.”
     The collector paused, looking past the general, to his army.  What had begun as a small scuffle had broken out into a full on brawl with two dead Yahg already being dragged away, trails of blood darkening the dusty field.  The general followed the stare of the collector and smiled.  His toothy grin was followed by a chest slightly puffed out in pride.  The former Reaper servant met the yahg’s gaze and they shared the slightest moment of understanding mixed with approval.
     “It is time for the universe to have new masters,” the collector answered.
     The monstrous yahg nodded, turning and marching towards the assembled troops waiting in the distance.  The collector watched the yahg as it began to speak to its warriors.  Then he turned and ascended back into a ship not seen before in the current cycle.  It blasted off, disappearing into the darkening clouds of a gathering storm front.

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