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Childproof Bullets review

Look, I’m not a professional music reviewer.  I’m typically a fan of metal.  That being said, like I told my boy Childish (his performing name), I love hearing/seeing/reading stuff from people I personally know.  Back in the day when he was living in the States here, I got to hear some of his early tracks.  It was good, as far as I was concerned- remember, I’m no hiphop/rap expert, but I still have the old CDs and listen to them here and there.

This new album, Childproof Bullets, is much much better, again, if you ask me.  I like to think I can judge quality, regardless of genre.  This is a polished and professional work and I enjoyed it. Everyone (who can handle vulgar and adult content) should go grab this album and give it a listen. 

I’d have gone and bought it if that was an option.  Might be in the future, who knows.  But, Hell, it’s free, people.  Why NOT?


And I swear, my next post will be my new ending to Mass Effect 3.


Promise . . .


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